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We are Forking Mad!

They are all different, some look weird and some look funny… No I’m not talking about the international politics of the day… I’m talking about tree forks!


Tree with forked stems in herbaceous border in garden in York

Tree fork on mature tree in York

In the next day or two  I’m attending the workshop run by the Arboricultural Association when Dr. Duncan Slater from Myerscough College will be giving us a thunderbolt lesson covering the essentials of his latest research into tree forks.

If you like nature and often wonder what the inside of a tree looks like close up and how it works, then like me this is something you’ll love to geek out on.

Check out this webpage from the Arboricultural Association which gives an insight into his revolutionary discoveries:


Thousands of our customers will benefit from this knowledge!

We are always here to help!