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Management Planning for Trees

Newly created woodlands can take a long time to mature, and adequate care and management at certain stages in crucial to ensure the success of the tree stock until establishment.

Existing woodlands can be bought and sold, and the new owners create a new vision for the future of the woodland which differs from the previous management.

We produce written management plans for individual trees, small groups of trees and woodlands; as well as woodland creation and existing woodlands. Tailored to your vision, we provide a written document detailing the present condition and management aim of the woodland, followed by stages through a given time period (5, 10, 15 or more years) of how to programme works and utilise opportunities to enhance the woodland.

We specialise in both amenity and conservation; for example, we identify suitable areas for footpaths and wildlife habitat creation.

A panorama of a woodland in Normanby Hall Country Park showing the beauty of a Beech woodland for users to enjoy.

A woodland at Normanby Hall Country Park managed primarily for recreation.


We arrange for tree works to be carried out, using approved local contractors to ensure that the trees are correctly maintained when necessary and carried out to your satisfaction.

Providing advice on the implementation of existing plans is also a service we provide.

With experience and knowledge of leading volunteers of all ages in practical conservation and woodland management, we are well placed to arrange and/or lead community based projects on your behalf.

Please call us our Yorkshire office on 07914 448 477 or email us using the Contact page for a quotation. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit in order to provide a quotation.