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Quick tips to manage your trees in winter

In winter the weather can be awful. Trees are doing their best to survive, with their own levels of an ‘antifreeze type’ substance.

Many trees appear to lay dormant, or with minimal function until the temperature and levels of sunlight increase to trigger spring growth.

Be aware in winter that the weight of snow can cause branches to break and so it is advisable to check your trees after the snow fall has melted.

Snow laden Beech tree with golden brown leaves still on the tree

A snow laden Beech tree, one of the few deciduous trees that retains it’s leaves throughout winter

Most deciduous trees are bare at this time of year, and so it is a great time to inspect your trees. Go out and take a look to see if there are any structural changes visible on each one. If there are and you are concerned about what this means then contact us; we are here to help you.

Email: [email protected] or call: 0791 444 84 77. We will talk through your concerns with you and we can arrange a site visit.

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