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It’s the pits!

Do you wish to build an extension and want to know if the tree roots will be in the area?

We have recently helped a couple investigate the potential of getting their dream home extended by undertaking a tree survey and carefully digging some trial pits in the location of the proposed extension.

The picture below shows a typical web of feeder roots (non woody, shallow roots which absorb oxygen, water and nutrients). They criss-cross the soil at different depths and in different directions.

These roots were only found in one of the three pits.

We are primarily looking for these types of roots, but also woody, structural roots (the latter were absent).

Tree roots in a hole (trial pit)

Tree roots in a trial pit

This sort of information really assists homeowners in decision making, and determining if their planning application is likely to be successful.

Contact us if you wish us to help you too.