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Happy Children’s Day! – share this with your children

Yesterday, my son asked me, ‘Why isn’t there a day for children, as there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day?

Good point I thought…so this is a gift for all the children out there including yours!

I am not asking you to spend money, but to share the value of trees with them for free…maybe combine it with a trip to the loveliest park you know, and make some artwork or build a den with dry leaves and twigs that are laying on the ground. Give them an experience to remember! The best gift you can give your kids is time and attention.

A young boy in the park with his arms up in the arm and a leaf from a tree in one hand. Wellington boots on and mud splattered on his hat.

Hooray for a Happy Children’s Day!


Why is it great to get out and play amongst the trees?

A poster showing all the good things that trees do for us

What trees do for us

Let’s make our own ‘Happy Children’s Day!’

I have been given permission to distribute electronic copies of this poster, so email me if you would like a pdf copy that you can print out. The detail is very good in pdf format.