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Forking Marvellous !!

If like me you love knowing what’s going on around you…aka science, you’ll be astounded by the results from the PhD study by Dr Duncan Slater.

Veteran Holm Oak with large limbs touching the ground with large forked limbs

Veteran Holm Oak – with large forked limbs

It works out that trees are very clever, and lay down special configurations of cells dependent upon the stresses they detect at the junction of a fork. This then strengthens them in that area.

Using the latest technology Duncan was able to view these areas 3 dimensionally on a cellular level.

Going to hear him speak has certainly improved my understanding of these junctions with regards to safety and sustainability.

My thanks go to Duncan for pioneering this work and providing all the tree folk in the room with such enlightment. I’ve a feeling he has unearthed more possibilities in terms of research and that he is one to watch with interest over the coming years, as he is starting to re-write some of the things we know about trees.

Some of Duncan’s work can be found at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Duncan_Slater/publications

It is exciting to know what we and our new clients will benefit from this knowledge.