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Choosing a good Tree Surgeon

I am often asked, ‘How do I choose a good tree surgeon to work on my trees?’

Anyone can advertise to offer Tree Surgery services and so it is up to you to ensure you do not get fooled by an opportunist literally knocking at your door, saying that they were passing and noticed that your tree looks dangerous, or by them advertising erroneously in the media.

Be very aware! Often these are people who carry no insurance and do not even have any formal training in handling a chain saw.

Pollarded trees pruned by reputable tree surgeons

Tree pruned by reputable tree surgeons

This is so very important as you are responsible for the safety of all people on your land; especially those you employ. My point is, that if this person cut through his leg, or dropped the large tree limb on your car; you could be liable for the damages!

So, please refer to these really valuable guidelines which the Arboricultural Association have available for download on their website. It explains everything to ask, and what to look for:


Please note, it is not essential that they are Arb Approved Contractors, but this approval recognises additional business acumen and standards for the companies bearing the logo.

By following the steps outlined in this handy leaflet you can rest assured that you have the essentials covered! Even if the company come via a recommendation, it is still worth taking the time to ask the questions.