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We offer surveys and reporting for development reports, homeowner reports, and management planning for trees.

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We evaluate the condition of every tree we survey as standard; recommendations are inline with current best practice within the industry.

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    Quick tips to manage your trees in ...

    In winter the weather can be awful. Trees are doing their best to survive, with their own levels of an ‘antifreeze type’ substance.
    Many trees appear to lay dormant, or with minimal function until the temperature and levels of sunlight increase to trigger spring growth.
    Be aware …

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  • I’m listening – Tree in...

    I am used to reading trees, to figure out what condition they are in so I can make top quality recommendations to my clients.
    But this tree has epitimised the analogy I use about tuning in and really using my senses to look at trees, as …

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    Bring me sunshine…Drought con...

    If you have trees, and particularly newly planted trees (less than 3 years planted in the ground), it is vital that you water them in periods of drought. A drought is 14 days or more with insufficient quantities of rain.
    The roots of newly planted trees …

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